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FatBoy™ Protein Skimmers Counter Current,

Air Stone Bubble Generators

FatBoy™ Skimmers

Removable head with O-ring seal. Sits in trickle filter sump below aquarium. No valves required, flow controlled via powerhead pump. Bubbles created by dual wooden air stones. Easy to read instructions. Large waste collection cup, with tube for waste drain.

FatBoy™ Skimmer Specifications:

-   Diameter: 7" o.d.

-   Clearance needed under aquarium: 24"

-   Overall Height: 23" tall

-   Water Outlet: 5/8" i.d., 3/4" o.d.

-   Water Inlet: 1/2" i.d., 5/8" o.d.

-   Waste Outlet: 1/2" i.d., 5/8" o.d.

-   Suggested water pump: Hagen AquaClear 802™ Power Head

-   Suggested air pump: Hagen Optima™