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On line Instructions HookedOn™ Protein Skimmers:

Air Supply Setup

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Online Instructions: HookedOn™ Protein Skimmers Removable Tower

Online Instructions: HookedOn™ Protein Skimmers General Setup

Connect air hose to air pump.
Connect air valve to air hose, to control air flow. Use of an air valve is very important for the regulation of air flow. Please refer to the "General Setup" instructions to determine the correct amount of air flow, under the heading "Adjustment of Water Level and Air Flow".
Connect air hose to air valve. (Steps 2 &3 are optional if you have an air pump with a variable air output)
Put air hose through Skimmer Lid.
After air hose is through Skimmer Lid, attach rigid air tube to air hose.
Connect about 1 cm (1/2") of air hose to the end of the rigid air tube.
Connect wooden air stone to small piece of air hose.
Place Wooden air stone assembly into the protein skimmer. Make sure rigid air tube is not too long. Cut it down in size if it protrudes out of the skimmer Lid.