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HookedOn Refugium

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Online Instructions: HookedOn™ Protein Skimmers Removable Tower

Online Instructions: HookedOn™ Protein Skimmers Air Supply Setup

Thank you for choosing the HookedOn™ protein skimmer. Please read these instructions and enjoy your new protein skimmer. The skimmer is made of acrylic plastic and is fragile. HANDLE THE SKIMMER AS THOUGH IT WERE MADE OF GLASS, and you will enjoy its use for many years, as acrylic is virtually unaffected by saltwater. Please study the diagram to familiarize yourself with the parts, so you may better understand these instructions.

Setup of the HookedOn™ Skimmer:

You will need the following:

-   a wooden air stone.

-   a piece of rigid air tubing

-   air hose

-   an inexpensive air valve

-   a powerhead pump

-   filter floss

-   a drain outlet hose

-   a hose from power head to inlet

Do's and Don'ts:


-   Always hold the HookedOn Skimmer by the Main Body section!

-   Take care when installing or removing plastic hoses to the Water inlet , Siphon Outlet and Waste Drain. Don't force the hoses. If the fit is tight, you may want to pre-stretch the hose end. Also try moistening the hose end with water. When removing the hose, please be patient. If the hose is frozen to the inlet/outlet by salt, you may want to cut the hose off.

-   Hook the unit onto the side of the aquarium you are using. This skimmer was made to be hooked onto the side of the aquarium. Do not use it in any other way. If you are not sure, ask your dealer.


-   Don't hold or carry the skimmer by the Tower section. This is even more important when the Main Body is full of water. The Tower is connected to the Main Body by an O-ring, and will slip off the Main Body.

-   Don't hold or carry the skimmer by the Water Inlet or Siphon Outlets. Due to their small size they will break.

-   Don't drop the skimmer. Acrylic behaves like glass when dropped, and will break.

Proper Operation of the HookedOn Skimmer:

There are various ways to setup the HookedOn Protein skimmer, and various persons prefer different modes of operation and setup. You may try any setup you wish; however, the following setup is recommended:

Adjustment of Water Level and Air Flow:

You must control the height of the water level in your HookedOn Skimmer. The proper height is approximately mid-way up the Neck (see pictures below).

The hook of your skimmer should be aprox. 1" above the water level in your aquarium.

Although there are several ways you can control the skimmer water level height, the simplest and most effective way is to ADJUST THE FLOW RATE OF YOUR POWER HEAD.

Saline Solutions Inc. has tested the skimmer with an "AquaClear 301®" powerhead for the HookedOn Skimmer 18, and an "AquaClear 402®" for the HookedOn Skimmer 24, however, any powerhead (equipped with a valve) of comparable power will do the job.

Correct Water level in
Skimmer Before Air is On
Correct Water level in
Skimmer After Air is Turned On

Cleaning the Skimmer:

This unit is made from acrylic plastic and care should be taken not to scratch the plastic when cleaning.

To clean the Tower or the Main Body, use a soft damp cloth wrapped around a stick of an appropriate length. This will enable you to reach into the small areas.

DO NOT USE ANY HOUSEHOLD CLEANERS OR SOLVENTS. Due to their chemical composition, such cleaners or solvents may damage the acrylic. Also, any residual traces of such chemicals will certainly harm or kill your sensitive marine fish.

DO NOT USE BOILING WATER to clean your skimmer, as the high temperature may partially melt the plastic, causing your unit to warp.

Some Final Thoughts:

If you have successfully followed these instructions, 24 to 36 hours after setting up your HookedOn Skimmer , you will notice the collection of dark, organic waste in the Tower of your skimmer.

If you have just set up a new aquarium and are conditioning the water, the skimmer will not be removing much waste out of the water for the first little while, since there is nothing in the water for it to take out. Don't worry, it is working.

Make sure you see a working unit in the store you made your purchase from. Take a good look at it and ask questions if you are not sure about the setup.

Remove the Lid. Attach an air stone to the rigid tubing and insert the air stone into the Air Cup at the bottom of the Main Body. You may wish to use a long slender stick to assist you in placing the air stone.

Place flexible air hose through the hole provided in the top of the Lid. Attach air hose (once it is through the Lid ) to the rigid air tubing.

Attach air hose to your air pump. ***Please note: Some of the smaller air pumps may not provide enough pressure to ensure adequate amounts of bubbles. Make sure you use an air pump with enough power.

Install a small air valve into the air hose somewhere between the air pump and the Lid, so you are able to control the amount of air entering the air stone.

Attach a 1/2" (inside diameter) hose to the Water Inlet. Attach the other end to the powerhead you are using.

Hook the skimmer onto the side of the aquarium.

Using the 'water flow rate control', on the underside of your powerhead, adjust the inflow of water into your skimmer until the water height is 1/3 the way up the Neck. Please see Figure 3 for the proper water height in the Neck. THIS HEIGHT IS VERY IMPORTANT IF YOU WANT EXCELLENT RESULTS!

Finally, you will want to connect a 1/2" (inside diameter) drain hose to the Waste Drain. The other end of this hose should go into a jar, or small pail where waste will start to collect.