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HookedOn Refugium

CoffeeQuarium™ Designer Aquariums

These beautiful aquariums are striking center pieces in any room! CoffeeQuarium™ designs create the illusion of a Glass Bottom Boat when viewed from above. This is possible because the upper panel of the CoffeeQuarium™ "presses down" into the water, providing the viewer with a crystal clear view down into the aquarium. It's like having a crystal clear cube of water, in your living room!

Model features solid, stained mohagony upper and lower trim.

The CoffeeQuarium™ illusion can be implemented into the top of a Bar, Dining Table, or Counter Top.

Standard Acrylic Aquariums

Acrylic Aquariums offer exceptional clarity for viewing the underwater environment.

Large aquariums require thick panels, and when using glass, the striking colors of fish and corals become tinted green.

Acrylic sheets are able to transmit 92% of visible light allowing for excellent views. Acrylic Aquariums weigh only half the amount of Glass Aquariums, and yet are much tougher than glass. For this reason Acrylic is material of choice for aquarium construction in public areas with high pedestrian flow, such as, Supermarkets, Restuarants, and Night Clubs.

When large Aquariums are required, (greater than 200 gallons), the cost of an Acrylic Aquarium is generally the same as that of a Glass Aquarium. However, Acrylic is always clearer, tougher and lighter than Glass.

TreasureArium™ Decoration Aquariums

Bring the look and feel of Pirate History and Legends into your room!

TreasureArium™ designs have wonderful handcrafted woodwork , that give them the rustic appearance of an old Treasure Chest. With appropriate interior decor, children and adults alike will let their minds wonder back to the days of Black Beard and Captain Cook.

Model shown features solid, stained oak, brass bolts, and upward folding lid.

The TreasureArium™ Treasure chest is available in two standard sizes, but custom sizes can be built on request.

Exotic Shapes for Acrylic Aquariums

Acrylic sheets can be Curved, Bent and Twisted into thousands of different shapes! There are no limits to your imagination. Add to this, the toughness and clarity of Acrylic sheets, and your aquariums can become exotic centrepieces in any room. Model shown has been bent six times to create the T-shape. Standard filtration is provided above. This piece was embedded into a custom dresser drawer.

Industrial Acrylic Aquariums

The toughness and strength of Acrylic Aquariums has resulted in their widespread use in punishing environments.

Lobster and Trout Aquariums take advantage of this strength. In the Supermarket and Fish market enviroments, these aquariums are able to tolerate the abuse of customers and vendors, and yet still maintain a wonder view of the product.

Model shown is a Lobster Tank of 8 feet in length. These models are installed in eight different Fortino's Supermarket stores throughout southern Ontario.